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We Trade In

Aluminum Scrap Metal

While ferrous production remains low as world wide shortage recently on good quality Aluminum scraps. We can provide more than 2500 MT/month as per your requirements.

Vehicle Scrap Metal

Without fertilizer increasing the productivity of soil, we would need at least 50 percent more farmland – the equivalent of converting almost a quarter of global forest reserves.

Old thick steel scrap

Old thick steel scrap, predominantly more than 6mm thick in sizes not exceeding 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m, prepared in a manner to ensure direct charging. May include tubes and hollow sections.

Copper Scrap

99.8% pure copper scraps are hard to get but at EIA we pride in our offerings and always try to bring best possible copper resources as copper as commodity is on the most used metal industry wide.

Scrap Metal Sculpture

The final thing you’ll need to source is a clear protective coat. We opted for a satin finish, to keep the project as matte as possible.

Electric Motor Scrap

ELMO Shall consist of whole electric motors and/or dis- mantled electric motor parts that are primarily cop- per-wound. between buyer and seller.
EIA is a company which is big enough to handle orders for 50 containers and small enough to look into 3 containers order. EIA has been formed with intention of bridging the gap between supply chain logistics between different geographically separated continents.
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